Blade and Soul NA or EU Costume Mods

Blade & Soul NA/EU Costume Mods

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In this Guide I will show you how to change your first costume in game to your desire costume in easy and fastest way!

First you need to download this file : Download Blade & Soul Costume Mod

Step by Step :

  1. Download and extract the file that you have download
  2. Install the Cheat Engine 6.2 inside the folder
  3. Login to your Blade & Soul
  4. Equip your first costume in game (Hongmoon Costume)
  5. Open your Cheat Engine 6.2 and open a cheat table in the folder BNSchanger7.3 with name “BNSchanger Basic V7.3”
  6. Tick the race and gender character you use and click “Connect & Scan”
  7. You can tick the option “Show Thumbnails” at the right side
  8. Choose your costume and colour you desire
  9. Back to the game and remove your costume (Hongmoon Costume) and equip it again
  10. Now you can see your New Costume!

You can change it whenever you want as long you not change character or exit the game, and sometimes you will run to an error when you changing or testing your costume so fast.

Don’t worry if your game crashed or stop working when you choosing the costume and try to remember the costume you like so you won’t have to face this problem anymore in future!

This is a client side mod and no one except you can see the changes, so it should have been safe for use without worry.

I hope this guide will help you to enjoy this game! Happy Gaming!

Credit to : Mila from Blade & Soul Dojo

This is the short video that show from the beginning how to change your costume :

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