Blade & Soul Guide for Kill Bomani at Mushin Tower 3rd Floor

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This is a quick guide to help new player that no have experience yet in Mushin Tower to face Bomani at 3rd floor. We need to clear the mobs first before Bomani appear to pass this floor easily, and the solution is try to make “Unconscious” on the first or second mobs in middle that you have to kill before Bomani come and then clear the mobs around them 1 by 1 so in the end you only need to face Bomani alone.

“Unconscious” is a type of CC that lasts 30 seconds and basically makes your enemy can’t do anything, but you must take a note if you damage them after they fall into “Unconscious” they will immediately wake up.

And now I will give a method for every class to deliver the Unconscious status to the enemy:

  • Blade Master: Break an enemy’s defense with Boot, then use Breeze on them.
  • Kung Fu Master: Grapple an enemy and use Chokehold on them.
  • Destroyer: Grab an enemy then throw them with Hurl (requires two talent points spent).
  • Force Master: Phantom Grip an enemy then use Blackout.
  • Assassin: Go into Stealth then use Cyclone Sweep (0 talent points) on an enemy.
  • Summoner: Use Anklebiter on an enemy, pin them with Power Pounce, then use Headbutt.
  • Blade Dancer: Phantom Grip an enemy then throw them with Hurl.

I hope this guide can help a lot for all of you! Happy Gaming!

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