Blade & Soul Faster Gold Hunt with Rising Waters Update

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This is a new tips and guide for farming gold more effective in current Rising Waters Update after you reach lv 45!

  1. Solo : “Croak King’s Court” for Imperator Bangle / Staff that can sold at 50s-70s in marketplace.
  2. Solo / Team : “Hall of Ogong” use backsteps or press “s” twice on the door to bypass and skips the mini boss so you can run to the Dragon Coil and take the Dragon’s Blood and clean the mobs without fear to death. This is the faster way and saving your time to farm Moonwater Tears and if lucky enough will get Merry Potter Secret Recipe, I suggest this one to do with two or three people for effective run and fast farm.
  3. Arena : Raise your 1v1 Arena to Gold so you can trade your 2000 Zen Bean and Small Dragon Certificate for 30 Soulstone!! It’s worth your time since soulstone demand is very high. And if you have a good team you can got 2000 Zen Bean in 1 hour with playing 3v3 Tag Match.
  4. Crafting : Don’t bother crafting Moonwater Transformation Stone anymore if you want a profit, just craft “Premium Tempered Clay Refiner” for optimal profit. Just do the calculate by yourself if you not believe this one, because you can farm Moonwater easily in “Hall of Ogong”.
  5. Daily Quest : Always use all 40 Daily Quest that give you most rewards especially faction quest that give you Soulstone. And there also a new 24-man instance for Nighshade Harbor you can access this with a Naryu Coin and you get the quest inside the instance, this instance was same with the E. Fleet Supply Chain and located beside E. Fleet Supply Chain.


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