Blade & Soul Beginner Guide

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This guide made base by current release on Blade & Soul NA/EU Servers. There are 7 things you need to know for a beginner for play this game, i will give you a screenshot for some point to help you find the place or NPC.

  1. Don’t ever sell your Hongmoon Weapon or Accessories! You will need them and evolve them until the end of game.
    If you make a mistake you still can purchase them at Jungja when you arrive at Jadestone Village
    blade and soul beginner guide-3
    This is the location and how you find him :
    blade-and-soul-beginner-guide-1You will need Viridian Valor Stone for exchange it, you can find this stone from daily quest or enemy in dungeon.


  2. Save your key that you get from daily quest or box! Don’t waste it on early game like Stalker Weapon Box, you can buy the weapon at Marketplace for 10 – 20 copper.
    If you really need it just use Hongmoon Key because you won’t able to use them at high level chest or box.
  3. When you arrive at Jadestone Village take all quest from gathering guild, you can receive 1000 exp for each quest from them! After you finish all the quest you can leave and choose the gathering guild you want for crafting. Always take your order from guild to raise your level and this is one of source to making money if you can max them out!
  4. Use 8 Viridian Valor Stone for exchange Soul Shield at Jungja, this will help you when you reach lv 20 and Blackram Narrows dungeon. You can exchange it first if you already have 8 Viridian Valor Stone and keep them in your vault, so when you reach Songshu Isle you don’t need wasting to go back to village.
  5. After you reach Pondskip Vale you will find the second world boss King Giganura, try to kill him several times and open the chest to find Triangular Ruby and Triangular Amethyst that will help you with 60 Damage and 30 Life Drain. And don’t forget just use your Hongmoon Key for this chest, don’t use your normal Key.
    blade-and-soul-beginner-guide-8 blade-and-soul-beginner-guide-7 blade-and-soul-beginner-guide-6
  6. Run the Blackram Narrows dungeon 10 times to get Achievement that will raise your MAX HP by 400 points! If you cannot find party at your server just use cross-server feature by press F7. After you takedown this dungeon 10 times just activate this bonus attributes by press ‘U’ and click the Bonus Attributes and choose the attributes like the picture below.
  7. Now learn how to play your character and do some combo, after you confident enough go play 1 vs 1 match in pvp and win 10 times to get other Achievement that will raise your Defense by 70 points!

I hope this short guide will help the newbie and beginner in this game to enjoy and play with more efficiently 🙂 Happy Gaming!

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